FT-NMT04 IN-SITU SEM Nanoindenter


The FT-NMT04 Nanomechanical Testing System is a versatile in-situ SEM/FIB nanoindenter capable of accurately quantifying the mechanical behavior of materials in the micro- and nanoscale.

As the world’s first MEMS-based nanoindenter, the FT-NMT04 is based on the patented FemtoTools Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) technology. Leveraging over two decades of technology innovations, this in-situ nanoindenter features unmatched resolution, repeatability and dynamic response.

The FT-NMT04 in-situ nanoindenter is optimized for the mechanical testing of metals, ceramics, thin films as well as microstructures such as metamaterials and MEMS. Furthermore, through the use of various accessories, the capabilities of the FT-NMT04 can be extended to versatile requirements in various fields of research.

Typical applications include the quantification of plastic deformation mechanisms by compression testing of micropillars or the tensile testing of dog-bone specimens, thin films, or nanowires. Furthermore, continuous stiffness measurement during compression testing enables the quantification of the crack growth and fracture toughness during fracture testing of micro-beams. Due to the unmatched low noise floor of 500 pN and 50 pm respectively, the FT-NMT04 enables shallow nanoindentation with an unmatched repeatability as well as the unprecedented correlation of nanoindentation with EBSD mapping.

Product Brochure

FT-NMT04 Nanomechanical Testing System Brochure (PDF)


  • Nanoindentation, compression- , tensile- , fracture- and fatigue testing

  • Patented MEMS-based sensing technology enables highest resolution and repeatability of force from 0.5 nN to 200 mN and displacement from 0.05 nm to 21 mm

  • Ability to conduct continuous stiffness measurement (CSM) or fatigue testing up to 500 Hz without the need for complex, dynamic calibrations

  • True displacement-controlled testing, enabling the quantification of fast stress-drops (optional force-feedback based force-controlled measurements are possible as well)

  • 3, 4, or 5-Axis (x, y, z, rotation, tilt), closed-loop sensor to sample alignment using position encoders on all axes

  • Elevated temperature testing up to 400°C

  • Ability to sequentially orient the sample towards the nanoindenter tip, the electron-beam and the EBSD detector to evaluate hardness in specific grains and locations (only with the 5-axis configuration)

  • Simple determination of the indenter area function and frame compliance

  • Powerful data analysis tool to evaluate measurement results and apply fits or functions to calculate material properties

  • SEM sample stage mount enables fast installation and removal of the system inside the SEM chamber

  • Compact, modular design enables the integration into almost any SEM

  • Customizable measurement procedures and principles


Force Sensing
- Maximum force: 200 mN
- Force noise floor: 0.5 nN (at 10 Hz)
- Measurement frequency up to 96 kHz

Displacement Sensing (coarse)
- Displacement range: 21 mm
- Displacement noise floor: 1 nm (at 10 Hz)
- Measurement frequency: 50 Hz

Displacement Sensing (fine)
- Displacement range: 25 μm
- Displacement noise floor: 0.05 nm (at 10 Hz)
- Measurement frequency up to 96 kHz

3, 4 and 5-axis force sensor to sample alignment
- X, Y, Z closed-loop positioning range: 21mm x 12mm x 12 mm
- X, Y, Z closed-loop positioning noise floor: 1 nm
- Sample tilt range: 90° (FT-NMT04-XYZ-RT)
- Sample rotation range: 360° (FT-NMT04-XYZ-R), 180° (FT-NMT04-XYZ-RT)
- Sample  angular noise floor: 35 micro-deg


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