Schematic diagrams of tilted specimen stages of side-entry TEM holders in objective-lens pole pieces, 
viewed along the primary tilt axis X (α) parallel to longitudinal directions of the holders 
(a) The case of a standard double-tilt holder with a gimbal (specimen stage) attached 
to the holder by pivot pins at the secondary tilt axis Y (β)
(b) The case of a tomography holder without the supporting outer frame at Y (β) tilt axis.

General Specification and notes of HATA Holder system

Virtual pivot system(TM)

Back lighting system

High Angle Triple Axis Holder System (TEM holder)

Item Name: HATA-Holder System ( Set of HATA- Holder for ST with Index Dock System )
Item number: 911 0624 5001 

▶ Applicable instrument: FEI Tecnai Super Twin series and Titan.
▶ Model name: HATA-8075-ST ( High Angle Triple Axis Holder )

▶ CFS ( Compartments to Fasten Specimen ) - Attachable cartridges 
▶ Maximum Alpha tilt range +/-80 Degrees 
  (Limited by the max stage tilt, for gap such as Super Twin pole piece)
   Note: Beam might be shadowed by specimen grid and CFS itself. Note:
▶ Maximum Alpha tilt might be limited by Gonio Stage condition. 
▶ Maximum Beta tilt range +/- 7.00 Degrees.
   (Fully Motorized control )
▶ Maximum Azimuth rotation range +/-5.00 degrees.

  (Controlled by off-line Index Dock System )

Index Dock System

Model name: HATA-IDS005 
Maximum rotation (azimuth) ranges +/-5.00 Degrees . 


▶ Minimum step control of angle is 1/100 Degree by micrometer. 
▶ The rotation angle is displayed with a digital meter. 
   brightness control there.
Index Dock System is bridge fame structure, therefore comfortable pass to the Binocular stand base.
▶ Bridge fame height clearance is adjustable by four independent stands.


New concept and latest technology

▶ Patent protected Beta axis tilt mechanism with a virtual Beta angle Pivot.
▶ Virtual pivot, our solution that grants advantage no other holder can offer. 
▶ Allows crystal orientation compensation with Beta Tilt at High Alpha angles with a decided rotation. 
▶  We utilize the limited pole piece gap in a way that has never been utilized before. 
▶ The concept increases the efficiency of X-Ray detection. 


CFS:"Compartments to Fasten Specimen" Attatchable catridge system

▶ CFS is a flexible cartridge system for various purposes. 
▶ After setting the specimen rotation angle, simply fix the cartridge back on the holder. 
▶ Allows easy transfer to other environment such as FIB chamber. 
▶ With this solution a number of cartridges can be processed and re-processed inside FIB chamber without physically touching the sample itself. 
▶ Possibility to have as many cartridges as you wish for only one HATA-Holder means
▶ you can store your precious sample inside a cartridge for years and the just fit it to the holder rod for another observation with the exact same orientation and position.
▶ We can also offer specially designed low background cartridges for EDS analysis as well as bulk specimen cartridges. 

IDS:"Index Dock System"-high precision control of specimen rotation.
▶ The design of the IDS is the solution for a controlled Azimuth rotation of the specimen with CFS
▶ The Azimuth rotation is limited to +/- 5 Degrees. 
▶ With the Index Dock System, the rotation is a well-controlled process with a 1/100-Degree precision. 
▶ Digitally displayed indication of the rotation angle. 

Gas Flow Cover for HATA-Holder system
▶ The purpose of the Gas Flow Cover is anti-oxidation for the HATA-Holder system.
▶ If you have access to Nitrogen (N2) Gas in your TEM room, you may use flow via this unit for a few seconds.
▶ Unwanted humidity or such is avoided by the overpressure of N2 Gas and reduce contamination of the HATA-Holder. 
▶ If you don't have access to Nitrogen (N2) Gas in your TEM room, you can use a small Gas bottle.

 Note: If you use the Nitrogen Gas, please use Oxygen density meter for your safety.

Other considerations for ease-of-use.

▶ The index dock system is designed as a bridge. 
▶ The height can easily be altered with the adjustable feet. 
▶ Our idea is that you can use any of your favorite binocular stands or magnifying glass. 
▶ There is a light with adjustable intensity under the specimen mounting area. 
▶ It helps when you mount your sample and it let you see the actual transmitted specimen shadow. 
▶ The mounting of the holder into the stand is very easy to use construction. 
▶ A simple push of a button locks and unlocks the holder. 

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