Blazing fast quantitative cathodoluminescence microscope

The Allalin is a nanometer resolution spectroscopy instrument, based on a disruptive technology known as quantitative cathodoluminescence that integrates a light microscope and a scanning electron microscope (SEM) into one tool.

The Allalin allows for “No Compromise” large field/fast scanning simultaneous SEM imaging with hyperspectral or panchromatic CL maps. The system was constructed from the ground up to attain the best cathodoluminescence performance without sacrificing the SEM performance: the light microscope and the objective lens of the SEM are carefully integrated so that their focal planes match each other; the light microscope is machined with sub-micrometer precision so as to an achromatic, high numerical aperture (N.A. 0.71) detection with superior photon collection efficiency over a large field of view  — up to 300µm — compared with traditional CL technologies. As a result, quantitative cathodoluminescence, where instrument related artifact can intrinsically be ruled out as an explanation for a spectral feature or a contrast, becomes conceivable for the first time.

Key benefits

Designed from the ground up as an integrated CL-SEM system

  • Puts optical collection within the electron column

  • Requires ZERO optical alignment for CL

  • Highest collection efficiency over a field of view (FOV) of 300μm

  • Ensures CL uniformity and reproducibility, making the system quantitativeas well asqualitative. Quantitative: the photon collection efficiency is constant (+- 1%) over a large FOV of 300 μm (no vignetting); a 300 μm mapis performed without any displacement of the specimen: cathodoluminescence results are reproducible and comparable.

  • Uses lower beam dosages, reducing the possibility for beam damage to sensitive samples

  • Fast! Single hyperspectral CLmap measurement time ranges from 18 s to30 min compared to the competition’s 30 min – multiple hours

  • Simultaneous generation of a SEM image and a hyperspectral CL image with no degradation of the electron probe size

  • Schottky FEG for high current densities from: 30pAto 300nA

  • Highest resolution SEM inCL mode: down to 3nm

  • Intuitive User Interface and specialized software

  • Touch screen control with easy to navigate context based GUI that does not require anexpert to operate the tool

  • Dedicated Attomaphyperspectral analysis software (see separate brochure)

  • High precision nanopositioning stage with low temperature option (10K to room temperature)

  • Highly versatile: Optical hub for integration of the Attolight CL instrument in a larger spectroscopic system or complement its functionality

System Cofigurations

Schematic setup of an Allalin system showing the main components.

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