A tip of needle tilt Y axis maintaining eucentric position.

Y axis can be tilted by a control system of a microscope.

It is necessary for realization of double tilt with a needle specimen to instal our Virtual Pivot.

Virtual pivot mechanism has a linkage structure with imaginary pivot as shown a schematic
diagram, which is feasible to double-tilt maintaining eucentric position.


This mechanism is feasible to a double-tilt and high-angle tilting of a needle specimen

EN-Holder specification

  • X tilt : ±90˚ (Gonio limit)

  • Y tilt:  ±7.5˚

  • Virtual Pivot movement installed.

  • Motor drive Y axis tilting.

  • Be compatible with JEOL control system.

  • Be compatible with ARM200F-HR or UHR.

  • Variety of needle probe available.

  • Standard equipment: Safety Operation Stand.

Original Twezers for Needle

Available a tweezers for a removing.

Support a safety clamping during carring and exchanging.

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